Tradition and attention are our simple and great gestures.

The care for what we do is one of our trademarks. The products are born from serious working process and from a sure, sharpened and improved in the time "know how to do".

To realize salami of quality is necessary taking into consideration different elements. Every passage is developed with attention: from the choice of the raw material to the meat processing, from the salting to the use of spices and aromas, without forgetting the drying, the seasoning, the storage and the packaging.

But the factors we care more about, and that are reflected on the taste of our products, are the time and the environment.

The correct time to season with calm, without hurry, typical of a handicraft reality, away from the logics based only on the quantity.

The external environment is that of a mountainous country at 1.000 meters above sea level, between clean air and uncontaminated nature.

Moreover, the HACCPs standard are seriously respected, to guarantee healthy and sure products.

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