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The Cotechino is obtained by a mixture of selected meats of Italian pork. The Cotechino is minced and flavoured with salt, spices and natural aromas. It is encased with a natural casing and dried.

It has a cylindrical shape with a diameter of about 6 cm, a length of 18 cm and a middleweight of 500g.

It has a tasty and captivating flavour, in the tradition is accompanied with the polenta and the lentils, but is ideal also with the mashed potatoes and other side dishes.

It is available only in the winter periods, even with pork tongue.

Store the product bulk or vacuum-sealed at a temperature of +2/+4°Cs.

It is a product of raw paste, and should be consumed after being cooked.

Instructions for the cooking: before cooking the Cotechino, perforate it on the whole surface with a fork or toothpick, wind it up in a cloth or in a wax paper. Dip it in cold, not salty water and bring it to boil, therefore continue the cooking for around 3 / 3,5 hours. Drain it and serve cut into thick slices.

Available products:

Code Description Weight Packaging Shelf life
COT Normal size 500g Bulk 30 days
COTL With tongue 700g Bulk 30 days


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